Who We Are


Kargo Gear and Alexxander Designs were created by Albert, the owner and lead designer, who had worked as a quality control inspector for a bag manufacturer for 15 years. In 2003, Albert started Axxes Industries, a sewing company based in Colorado that operated out of a small warehouse initially. However, it quickly gained recognition for producing high-quality work, and reputable companies and new start-up brands started to hire them.


Over time, Axxes Industries became the primary designer and manufacturer for several backpacking brands that became very popular in the industry. Unfortunately, some companies prioritize profits over keeping jobs within the USA and gradually move their production overseas, leaving many people without work.


Kargo and Alexxander began by creating small designs that they sold at local events to keep their people employed and earn a paycheck. They have now realized that by focusing solely on their brands, they can compete with other brands not only in design but also in quality and customer service. Both of their brands are made with high-quality materials and qualified employees, including a quality control team and highly skilled sewers.


Kargo Gear and Alexxander Designs are committed to prioritizing purpose, minimalistic design, and durability in their product. Our products are designed based on their customers' commuting and travel needs, ensuring they feel comfortable and organized without worrying about something going wrong with their product.


   Albert and his son, Alexxander have been working together to make Kargo Gear, and Alexxander Designs one of the best Backpack and accessories companies in the USA and the world. 


Our commitment to our customers is to maintain high-quality product standards, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We will do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are satisfied. Furthermore, we believe in keeping production in the USA.